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Singapore Green Building Services (SGBS) certification scheme

SGBC's Green Services Certification is the first of its kind in Singapore and aims to enhance green building performance through the industry's delivery of services. The scheme recognises building consultants who are committed to supporting the green movement.

It aims to promote best practices to support environmental sustainability among service firms in the industry. SGBC's Green Services Certification will commit building consultants and practitioners to develop their in-house capabilities and competencies; adopt green corporate practices; and deliver sustainable designs and services. As SGBC is a trusted brand, certified firms can expect greater recognition and new business opportunities. 

Comfort Management proudly announced that it has been certified by SGBC with the highest grade (Level 4) under the Green Services Certification - Energy Performance Contracting and Environment Sustainability Design.


BizSAFE Star

Comfort is committed to build a safer and healthier workplace for our staff. Together with WSHC, our leaders and workforce embrace the Vision Zero, where every accident is preventable. Comfort has been recognised in its ability to meet international safety, occupational health and quality management standards and has received the highest level of certification - BizSAFE Star since year 2013.


ISO 45001:2018 & ISO 14001:2015


Comfort's has been recognised for its commitment to improve quality, environmental, occupational health and safety standards throughout the company, and is accredited in accordance to the ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the impact on the environment in our operations while meeting the goals of sustainability. Health and safety of our employees is of utmost importance to us and deeply embedded in our business processes and culture.


ESCO (Energy Services Company)

Comfort has been accredited by NEA as a professional ESCO in the provision of quality energy audit services and track records in the implementation of energy conservation projects for buildings and facilities.